The Hurel family

In 1879, Edmond Hurel came into association with Madame Tetrel and created an embroidery workshop, under the name “Tetrel & Cie”.
Soon after, Jeanne Hurel, the niece of Edmond Hurel, entered the Tetrel business. When Madame Tetrel retired in 1885, the company changed its name to “Société HUREL”.

In 1900, Edmond Hurel sold his shares to Madame Fritel and the enterprise changes its name once again to “Société Veuve Fritel”. Leopold’s son Paul then entered the business in 1910, upon which the business was called “Société Fritel”.
In 1918, Madame A. Hurel, house director, initiated her two sons into the family company: Pierre and Raymond Hurel.
In 1919, Paul Fritel and Pierre Hurel came into association and the enterprise became “Fritel & Hurel”.
In 1922, the enterprise changed its name “Hurel & Fritel”.
In 1932, Paul Fritel retired and the company was named “Société Pierre Hurel & Cie”.
After the war in 1946, the company became “SA Textiles and Embroideries Hurel”.
Pierre Hurel then welcomed his sons, Jean Pierre and Bernard, to the company.
In 2007, the respective children of the latter, Benjamine and Martin Hurel, succeeded them and the company took on its current name: “SAS Hurel”.

Hurel continues to evolve its embroidery savoir-faire in an atmosphere of creation. The embroidery workshop at Hurel is considered one of the most highly-regarded artistic producers in fashion.

Since 1940, Hurel has offered commercial collections of superior luxury textiles. Hurel pays recognition to those venerable aficionados of beautiful fabrics.