Textile and embroidery

Exceptional savoir-faire
Maison Hurel

Maison Hurel sets itself apart with the excellence of its craftsmanship, an expertise that has been established over time and experience. The superior quality of Hurel’s textile collections, in addition to its precious archives, are witnesses to our role in the evolution of fashion over time. Founded in 1879, Maison Hurel is recognized as one of the most prominent textile house throughout the glamorous history of French fashion. Today it remains a family-run, independent enterprise, with the fifth generation of the Hurel family currently at its helm. Maison Hurel is celebrated globally for its creativity and its exceptional artisanal techniques. Due to its history and expertise, the French government named Hurel a Living Heritage Enterprise in 2008. Maison Hurel is based in Paris, the historic heart of fashion.