Organdy is a type of chiffon made from light and finished cotton, most likely originating from Turkmenistan.
Fashionable since the 18th Century, organdy and organza have been produced in France in the same factories as chiffon. Organdy and organza are two similar fabrics that can be differentiated by the number of threads used in their weaving processes. Related to chiffon fabrics, they can be distinguished by their rigid appearance and their rough texture.
Organdy and organza can be considered twin brothers, but with one in cotton, the other in silk.

Organdy is most commonly used for day dresses, while organza finds itself appropriated most often for evening wear. Used by most talented designers, organdy and organza never fall out of fashion.
Organdy and organza are piece-dyed. We emboss our organdy and organza with printed patterns, silkscreen prints, and embroideries.

Note the difference amongst organdy, organza, and organzine.

Reference number for Hurel cotton organdy: 80321
Weight of Hurel cotton organdy: 40 gr/m²
Width of Hurel cotton organdy: 150 cm
Reference number for Hurel silk organza: 6121L
Weight of Hurel silk organza: 26 gr/m²
Width of Hurel silk organza: 140 cm

“… She awaited him at the station: her organdy dress lit up by the sunlight…” (Mauriac)

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