Silk Satin

Silk satin derives its origins from the province of Fujian in the Southwest of China. In Hurel’s fabric collections, silk satin remains an essential mainstay. Silk satin sets itself apart through its brilliance, sleekness, and its silky nature that is due to a delicately woven surface.

We propose the following variants:
Silk satin broche silk satin jacquard, and silk satin crepe

Note our various selections:

Hurel “double face” silk satin
Hurel “duchesse” silk satin: reference #4359
Hurel satin-back crepe: reference #17425

Our silk satins are woven in 140 cm.

Hurel’ silk satin is highly-regarded in the world of haute couture as it brings its refinement and sensuality to your evening wear.

“The lining of the Prince of Conti’s coat was made of black silk satin, studded with diamonds, like an ermine fur…” (Sévigné)

Satin de soie Satin de soie Satin de soie Satin de soie Satin de soie Satin de soie