The name taffeta suggests the simplest weave, deriving an ancient history originating from the Persian word taftâ, literally designating “that which is woven”.
However, in today’s custom, we speak of Chinese taffeta, Italian taffeta, and Florentine taffeta. We also speak of watered taffeta, which proves itself superior to even that taffeta proposed by the world’s great silk manufacturers.

We offer the following variants: plain taffeta, flattened taffeta, embossed taffeta, and printed taffeta.

Reference number for Hurel taffeta: 4508
Composition for Hurel taffeta: 100% silk
Weight for Hurel taffeta: 65 gr/m2
Width for Hurel taffeta: 140 cm

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Silk taffeta has a little sister: dupion (Hurel reference number 100% silk: 4698).
Classically realized in silk fabric, taffeta is a luxury tissue with a dry and crisp character when creased. Taffeta takes on the appearance of a thick material, shimmering and rustling. Commonly, taffeta is used for fashioning bridal gowns and evening wear.

“Her dress of lilac taffeta had punctured sleeves, from which escaped billows of foamy chiffon…” (Gustave Flaubert)

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