Hand Embroidery

The House of Hurel is by its origin a hand embroidery workshop.

In 1879, Madamoiselle Jeanne Hurel created a workshop for hand embroidery at the time of Parisian festivities organized for the reception of the Grand Russian Dukes, who privileged France by spending their vacations and fortunes in Paris and the Côte d’Azur.
Throughout the course of years, Hurel’s hand embroidery workshop has continued to resist the hazards of fashion and economic crisis.
The hand embroidery workshop at Hurel has been frequently sought-after by the great fashion houses, who would have liked to incorporate our enterprise. However, Hurel has always desired to safeguard the independence of its hand embroidery workshop, which remains its most precious jewel as well as an inimitable expertise.

Hurel offers hand embroidery on all types of textiles: chiffon, fabrics for wedding dresses, French lace, silk tulle, guipure…

It was this hand embroidery workshop that helped Hurel obtain recognition as recipient of the Award of Living Heritage. Our workshop continues to be a place where creativity and technique mingle for the world’s greatest designers. The tradition of hand embroidery is rich in a savoir-faire that has perpetuated throughout the length of history.

“The weather has left its coat
Of wind, of chill and of rain,
And dressed itself in an embroidery,
Of sunlight – clear, glistening, and beautiful.”

(Rondeaux, LXIII, Citations de Charles d’Orléans)

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