Printed fabrics

Printed fabric in the world of luxury silk production has faced an immense change due to the negative effects of globalization. In effect, printed fabric from China and elsewhere have encroached upon our territory and saturated our market.

However, French silk manufacturers have reacted strongly and the vitality of our printed fabric has seen a renaissance due to digital printing.

We also provide hand-painted fabric that functions as an integral element in the market of luxury fabric.

The House of Hurel offers a vast range of printed fabric on a diverse selection of base silks.

The designs used for producing printed fabric are created on specialized software, and we develop our collection of printed fabric designs in our in-house facilities.
You can view our collection of printed fabric, varied by color, pattern, and material, and offered on classic or embossed base fabrics.
We offer printing on a wide range of base fabrics including silk chiffon, organza, silk satin, and tulle…

“… A long fabric printed with flowers, adorning her blond braid…” La Fontaine

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