Crepe Georgette

Crepe georgette sets itself apart thanks to its weave which is tighter than that of crêpe. It is a light, supple, softly transparent fabric with a variable grain. Crepe georgette owes its name to a renowned Parisian designer who was the first to use this fabric: Madame Georgette de la Plante, a contemporary of Coco Chanel.

Crepe georgette situates itself half-way between chiffon and crêpe drap.
Hurel offers a vast choice of crepe georgette in its collection. The principal crepe styles: all silk crepe georgette (reference #4441), crepe georgette (reference #4733).

Our collection of crepe: Crepe de Chine (reference #4445), satin crepe (reference #4573) satin-back crepe (reference #17425)…
Crepe georgette is always at the head of the trends in the fashion circuit. The transparency of crepe alters in relation to its weight, allowing designers to use the fabric in correlation to their creative caprice. You can adapt our crepe georgette according to your desired creation, regardless of the season, as Hurel offers a comprehensive range of colors and weights.
Crepe georgette is piece-dyed; therefore, it can hold any color, no matter how specific.

“My mother wrapped herself in a veil of crepe georgette and dyed my clothes to black…” (BEAUVOIR, Mém. j. fille)

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