Exceptional textiles for haute-couture and ready-to-wear
Woven silks

A fabric with origins of grandeur and gentry, silk remains at the heart of Hurel’s fabric collections. Whether smooth or embellished, Hurel silks are always light and delicate. Hurel offers numerous styles that are perpetually featured on the runways of Haute Couture, as well as in luxury prêt-à-porter collections: mousseline, organza, satin, woven, solid, or embellished textiles – all in a range of weights.

Patterned fabrics

Patterned textiles and tone-on-tone fabrics make up a large fraction of Hurel’s collection. Produced on jacquard looms, these high quality silk and synthetic fabrics showcase Hurel’s ability to create a diverse selection of textures on a vast range of fabric. Our atelier offers several hundred designs each season, which are individually considered by our creative studio and then fabricated by our talented weavers.

Solid and jacquard Velvets

The jacquard velvets produced by Maison Hurel are of exceptional quality, woven on extremely rare looms, using ancient artisanal techniques. These woven velvets in silk viscose and/or silk lurex are of utmost délicatesse: sumptuous yet sophisticated. Each season, our design atelier offers over thirty new patterns in a variety of styles, including floral, geometric, Baroque, and narrative designs. Furthermore, Hurel creates solid velvets, notably our exquisite crushed and silk velvets.


Maison Hurel develops its Calais lace collections woven on leavers looms, where unique patterns are elaborately fashioned by our design studio. Hurel also creates a Lyon lace collection. Their patterns are often inspired by our exclusive house archives and then produced in the grand tradition of Lyon lace.


Hurel offers a variety of tulle made from natural fibers (silk, linen or cotton) as well as synthetics (polyamide or polyester). These fabrics work well as a base for embroidery, transferred and glitter and flock prints.

Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery brings different aspects of artisanal practice to Hurel’s collections. The techniques utilized are varied: thread embroidery, sequins, and laser cutting.


Maison Hurel employs the art of finishing (printing, appliqué, and foiling) to infuse our silk, lace and embellished fabrics with an air of wonder and magic.

Specialized Hand Finishing

Hurel offers a selection of hand painted velvets and lace, created by our artists in our studios.