Reference number for Hurel silk chiffon: 6122 L
Weight of Hurel silk chiffon:   20 gr/m²
Width of Hurel silk chiffon:  140 cm

From the Indies, silk chiffon first appeared in France in the 18th Century.  However, the fabric had to wait until the 19th Century for the silk chiffon industry to develop in France, through the initiative of Georges-Antoine Simonet from the city of Tarare.

Silk chiffon is a grand classic in Hurel’s fabric collections.  Hurel’ silk chiffon is light, smooth, and transparent.  It distinguishes itself from other brands of silk chiffon by its exclusive quality.  Hurel boasts an extensive range of colored silk chiffon with over 300 shades.
Hurel also offers timely delivery averaging around 8 days. With our quality silk chiffon, we can offer you any color that you desire.

We offer the following variants of silk chiffon :
Shot silk chiffon,
Patterned silk chiffon,
Silk and linen chiffon ,
Double silk chiffon,
Triple silk chiffon

“ her neck and shoulders emerged from a drift of snow white silk chiffon upon which fluttered a fan of swan feathers…”  PROUST