Silk tulle is traditionally woven with nylon or cotton on Rachel looms.  But tulle made of silk, produced on Bobin looms, is rare and exceptional. 
      In Nottingham in 1808, Bobin silk tulle was conceived, thus revolutionizing the industry of tulle manufacturing.
Silk tulle continues to serve as an integral feature in Hurel’s collections.

      Reference number for Hurel silk tulle:  27148
Weight of Hurel silk tulle:  10 gr/m²
Width of Hurel silk tulle:  300 cm


       Hurel offers stiff-finished silk tulle of the utmost caliber, which is highly esteemed in the world of fashion and haute couture.

      We also offer silk tulle in other widths: 200 cm and 150 cm.

      Our collection also contains other quality 100% silk tulle or silk and nylon blended tulle with different crosshatching and finishes.
Hurel silk tulle, like our silk chiffon, can be dyed according to your preference.

       “Silk tulle dresses in white, blue, pink, or soft mauve, which you will see in a while, along the balconies of the theatre boxes…”  Marcel Prévost